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TuffRider Women's Tundra Fleece Lined Tall Boots in Synthetic Leather Black IhZeMvXRTK
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Tranquilizers are taken by most people for panic disorders and anxiety. Valium or Xanax are usually the drugs taken which have addictive properties and can become dangerous for long term users. Help and treatment are available for individuals with addiction to tranquilizers. It is important to know what they are, how tranquilizers work in the body and what to do if a loved one is suspected of being addicted.

Anxiety and sleep disorders are the most common reason to use tranquilizers. Alcohol has a similar effect in that it depresses the nervous system and slows things down. Sedatives is another word used to describe tranquilizers as the early stage of biochemical processes in the body is sedation or a calm state. Estimates by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) show over 60 million people receive a tranquilizer prescription every year. Commonly abused for its calming effect on the body, brain atrophy has been linked to people who have an addiction to tranquilizers.

Two categories of tranquilizers exist: major and minor. Major tranquilizers are considered antipsychotics due to use for mental health treatment for disorders such as schizophrenia. Drugs such as Haldol, Navane, Thorazine and Mellaril are some of the other major tranquilizers on the market.

Minor tranquilizers do not have the same calming effect and are often abused as they are more addictive than major tranquilizers. Some of the minor tranquilizers are benzodiazepines including Xanax, Ativan, Valium and Librium.

Individuals who abuse tranquilizers and develop an addiction normally demonstrate signs which may include the following:

Dependency on tranquilizers develops first from a calming effect on the body. Once the effect subsides, the person will most likely tend to want more. Additional tranquilizers may be taken which can increase a person’s tolerance for the substance. Not only will the individual crave more of the tranquilizers to achieve the same high, but will need to find a way of obtaining more tranquilizers. It is not very difficult to obtain tranquilizers so it is not uncommon for individuals to use them recreationally.

Complications arise when a person develops a dependence then active addiction to tranquilizers whereby the individual cannot think of or do anything else but seek more of the substance to achieve a high. Long term use of tranquilizers has been associated with increased aggressive behavior and extreme depression. Memory loss and cerebral atrophy has also been linked to tranquilizer abuse. Withdrawal symptoms increase while using this drug for a period of time whereby symptoms including rapid heartbeat, insomnia, shaky hands and irritability may occur without more of the substance.

The first step to getting treatment is admission of a problem. Then it is important to locate a detoxification center. Staff there can help ease withdrawal symptoms and thereafter can make decisions about attending a rehabilitation program of one’s choosing. Free-standing residential centers are one option to consider when selecting a rehab program to help an individual overcome addiction and make the journey towards recovery.

If you or a loved one struggle with tranquilizer addiction, help is available. Contact Hired Power at800-910-9299 for more information and resources to help you make the recovery journey.

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“I have worked with Hired Power extensively in collaboration with Clearview Treatment Programs’ individualized outpatient program. I am always impressed with their effectiveness and professionalism.”

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Slave Rebellion Reenactment (SRR) is a community-based performance that will restage and reinterpret the largest armed rebellion of enslaved people in North American history. The German Coast Uprising took place outside of New Orleans in 1811. SRR will bring to life an episode in the history of slavery that was long hidden from conventional accounts. It is the story of oppressed people who devised an audacious plan to organize, take up arms and seize Orleans Territory, to fight not just for their own emancipation, but to end slavery and establish a state where people of African descent were free. It is a project about resistance and freedom.

The artwork will involve hundreds of re-enactors marching 26 miles over two days. It will be take place upriver from New Orleans in the same locations where the 1811 revolt occurred, amid chemical refineries, box stores, suburbs, gated communities and trailer parks that have cropped up in the vicinity of the former sugar plantations where the revolt began. Each participant will wear authentic period costumes researched and created especially for the reenactment.

SRR will be an impressive and startling sight: 500 black people, some on horseback, armed with cane knives and muskets, flags flying, in 19th century French colonial garments, singing in Creole to African drumming.

Through nearly all of their march to New Orleans, the 1811 rebels were unopposed as they massed, growing in number as they marched 26 miles to the city. In contrast to many war reenactments, SRR will be mainly a procession—reanimating the freedom of movement and destiny that the rebels created for themselves as they travelled to New Orleans.

Slave rebellions were, of necessity, clandestinely organized by a few individuals who enlisted new participants through informal methods of communication and conspiracy across the sprawling landscape of plantations. Slave Rebellion Reenactment is using a similar approach to identifying participants. The organizers are working with individuals throughout the region—at community organizations, colleges, neighborhood centers and other venues—who are charged with recruiting a cell of reenactors and making sure they are appropriately costumed and educated in the history of the rebellion.

Slave Rebellion Reenactment was conceived and initiated by Dread Scott and is being mounted in partnership with Antenna, a New Orleans multi-arts organization, and many collaborators and advisors in New Orleans.

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to see a short video about the reenactment.

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About the Organizers

Dread Scott

Dread Scottmakes revolutionary art to propel history forward. In 1989, the entire US Senate denounced…

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